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Lead Vocals / Saxophonist / Chief Girl

Zoe is actually pronounced ‘Snarf’. Zoe’s singing career started aged 7 when she blackmailed/bribed all the other girls in her class to go off sick so she could get the part of Pharaoh in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. As well as playing the saxophone, Zoe can also click the William Tell overture on her teeth. Interesting fact about Zoe: There are no interesting facts about Zoe. Fact!



Bass / Funky Beats/ The One With The Best Shoes

Jim is the band’s honorary singleton and teenage crush. If the Wednesday Club were the A Team (and when on tour with a van, we often imagine we are) then Jim would be our ‘Face’. Jim can make a girl pregnant JUST by playing the bass solo in Paul Simon’s “Call Me Al”. The Pride & Prejudice character Mr Darcy was actually based on Jim. On a BAD hair day.



Guitar / Bladder Expert / Sugar Daddy

Phil descends from pop and rock Royalty. His father-in-law is none other than the guitarist from Freddie & The Dreamers. What do you MEAN – you don’t remember Freddie and The Dreamers? Give yourself a smack on the hand, and then check out here.

A plasterer by trade, Phil wrote the Amazon Best Seller “Three Hundred Things You Can Do With a Plaster Bag” and was head judge in the Sky 3 reality competition “So You Think You Can Skim?”



Drums / Satellite Navigator / Timbali Extraordinaire

Anthony (Ant) is an excellent drummer with over 53 years experience despite only being 43 years old. Regardless of him being a TNT delivery driver by day, he is still unable to actually make it to the correct address for gigs on time and constantly blames his ‘satellite nav’. Also, for the first 6 months of playing with ‘The Wednesday Club’, Phil thought he was Asian! In his spare time Ant likes to drink Jager bombs and pretend he’s 21 again, or sitting in hospital waiting rooms while his wife is on gas and air from the sever injuries she sustained from being so drunk!